CloudFront error 504 after creating "/*" invalidation in order to update S3 static website

The error 504 indicates a Gateway Timeout issue and it may occur due to various reasons. However, it's unlikely to be directly related to the invalidation you performed, which is simply a way to update your S3 static website content across CloudFront. Some recommended troubleshooting steps include verifying the CloudFront distribution settings, checking the backend S3 Bucket for any performance issues, reviewing the CloudFront logs, etc.

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CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It helps in delivering static and dynamic web content, including images, videos, software downloads, and streaming media, to end-users with low latency and high availability. However, while using CloudFront, you may encounter a 504 Gateway Timeout error, which means that the origin server did not respond within the timeout period set by CloudFront. In this article, we will discuss the common causes and solutions for this error.

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If you're running a static website on Amazon S3 and using CloudFront as a Content Delivery Network (CDN), you may have encountered Error 504 when trying to update your website. This error occurs because CloudFront takes time to propagate the updated content to each of its edge locations.

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CloudFront is a popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is designed to deliver static and dynamic content efficiently to users across the globe, reducing latency and improving website performance. However, users may encounter a 504 Gateway Timeout error at times while using CloudFront, which causes frustration and inconvenience. This article aims to provide insights on this issue and suggest best practices and tips for resolving it.