Colin Beattie steps down as SNP treasurer after arrest over party ...

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SNP Treasurer Resigns After Arrest: What Does It Mean for the Party's Future?
On September 12, 2021, the Scottish National Party (SNP) was hit with a major blow, as their treasurer, Colin Beattie, resigned from his position after being arrested in connection with alleged fraud. This news has prompted many to question what effect this will have on the party, its reputation, and its future.

Colin Beattie's Departure from SNP Treasurer Post: Analysis and Implications
Colin Beattie, who served as the treasurer of the Scottish National Party (SNP) for six years, recently announced his departure from the post. This development comes at a crucial time for the party, as it prepares for the upcoming Scottish parliamentary election and seeks to consolidate its position as the leading force in Scottish politics.

Mixed Reactions to Colin Beattie's Resignation as SNP Treasurer Amid Investigation
The Scottish National Party (SNP) Treasurer Colin Beattie announced his resignation on Friday, May 7th amid an ongoing investigation into the party's finances. While some celebrated his decision, others expressed concern about the impact it could have on the party's reputation and future.