Do MIP Solvers (e.g. CBC, Gurobi, ...) automatically decompose separable problems?

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Exploring the Capabilities of MIP Solvers: Do They Automatically Decompose Separable Problems?
Mixed-integer programming (MIP) problems are complex optimization problems with both continuous and discrete variables. MIP solvers play an essential role in solving such problems, and several advanced solvers are available in the market. MIP solvers are designed to handle complex optimization problems that are beyond the capabilities of traditional linear programming solvers. MIP solvers can handle a wide range of problem types, including linear, quadratic, and nonlinear problems with binary and integer constraints.

Do CBC, Gurobi, and Other MIP Solvers Automatically Decompose Separable Problems? A Comprehensive Review
Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) solvers are widely used in many fields such as logistics, finance, and engineering to solve complex optimization problems. MIP problems can be decomposed into smaller sub-problems that can be solved independently, which reduces the complexity of the overall problem. Therefore, it is crucial to know whether popular MIP solvers such as CBC and Gurobi automatically decompose separable problems or not. In this article, we will review whether CBC, Gurobi, and other MIP solvers can automatically decompose separable problems.