Folium choropleth maps in layers lose scale - how to fix?

Adjust the scale of each layer separately to ensure they are consistent.

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The Problem
Mastering the Art of Scaling Folium Choropleth Maps in Layers

The Challenge of Maintaining Scale in Folium Choropleth Maps with Multiple Layers
Folium is a Python library used for creating interactive web maps. Choropleth maps, which are one type of thematic map, visualize data through color grading. Multiple layers can be added to Choropleth maps to display additional information. One challenge with using multiple layers in Folium Choropleth maps is maintaining the scale of the data.

Solving the Problem of Scale Loss in Folium Choropleth Maps with Smart Techniques
Folium is a powerful tool for creating interactive maps, including choropleths, which are maps that use different shades or colors to represent data values at different geographic regions. However, one issue with choropleth maps created in Folium is the loss of detail and clarity at different zoom levels. This is commonly known as scale loss and can make it difficult to accurately interpret the data.