How can Doubleverify be implemented through Google Ad Manager?

By integrating Doubleverify's pre-bid targeting solution as a custom line item within Google Ad Manager.

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Ad viewability is a crucial metric in advertising, allowing advertisers to determine the effectiveness of their campaigns. DoubleVerify is a leading platform for measuring and optimizing ad viewability, while Google Ad Manager serves as a key tool for managing ad inventory. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of implementing DoubleVerify through Google Ad Manager and provide a step-by-step process for doing so.

Boosting Advertiser Confidence with DoubleVerify Integration in Google Ad Manager
DoubleVerify is an ad verification and campaign performance measurement solution that can be seamlessly integrated into Google Ad Manager (GAM) to improve the accuracy and reliability of reporting. This integration offers advertisers greater transparency into the performance of their campaigns, enhancing their confidence in the accuracy of their ad placements.

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Google Ad Manager is a powerful ad serving platform that enables publishers to manage, sell and deliver their ad inventory. However, ensuring the quality and integrity of ad content can be a major challenge for publishers. Ad verification is a critical process that helps publishers prevent non-compliant, offensive, or fraudulent ads from being served to their audience.