Increase the duration of the touchableopacity

You can increase the duration of TouchableOpacity by modifying its activeOpacity prop.

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Extend the User Experience: How to Increase the Duration of Touchableopacity
If you're a developer working on a mobile app or website, you're probably familiar with the Touchableopacity component. This component is used to create touchable elements that provide visual feedback when a user interacts with them. By default, the Touchableopacity component responds to a user's touch for about 100 milliseconds. However, you may want the touch feedback to last for longer to improve the user experience.

Maximizing User Engagement: Techniques to Increase Touchableopacity Duration
User engagement is vital for the success of any interactive application, whether it is a mobile app, a website, or a desktop application. One of the essential ways to engage users is to create touchable opacity, which is the duration when the user touches or interacts with a component on the interface. Longer touchable opacity duration leads to increased user engagement, which translates to higher user satisfaction and improved retention rates.

Make Your App User-Friendly: Tips for Increasing the Touchableopacity Duration
Mobile applications, be it Android or iOS, are gaining popularity day-by-day. The essence of an app lies in its usability, especially the UI (User Interface). One of the most important factors that make an app user-friendly is the level of interactivity. Users tend to appreciate an app that responds quickly to their touch input. Moreover, the amount of time that each button remains "touchable," known as Touchableopacity duration, is also a significant aspect of an app's usability.