Jets' Morgan Barron receives 75 stitches after taking skate to face


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Jets' Morgan Barron: The Unfortunate Recipient of 75 Stitches After Taking a Skate to the Face
Morgan Barron, the forward for the Winnipeg Jets hockey team, had a terrifying experience during a game in March 2021. During a collision on the ice, another player's skate accidentally struck Barron in the face, leaving him with a deep and gruesome cut.

Stitched Up: Morgan Barron's Scary Encounter with a Skate Blade during Jets Game
On March 31, 2021, Morgan Barron, the 22-year-old center for the New York Rangers, had a scary moment during a game against the Winnipeg Jets. He collided with Jets forward Mathieu Perrault, and Perrault's skate blade accidentally sliced Barron's cheek.

Jets Forward Morgan Barron in Recovery After Receiving 75 Stitches from Skate Accident
Morgan Barron, a forward for the Winnipeg Jets, is currently in recovery after a harrowing skate accident that left him with 75 stitches.