Linux claims half full NTFS external drive is out of space

Possible short answer:

  • Linux may have calculated the available space on the NTFS external drive differently from Windows, leading to a discrepancy that could cause errors or warnings about running out of space. Some Linux file systems may reserve some space for system use or have different block sizes, which affects the reported capacity. Checking the partition table, the file system type and options, and the disk usage of individual files or directories may help identify the cause of the issue.
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Linux Claims Half Full NTFS External Drive Is Out of Space
NTFS (New Technology File System) is a file system introduced with Windows NT, and is widely used on external storage devices like USB flash drives and external hard drives. When using an NTFS-formatted drive with Linux, you may encounter a situation where the system reports the drive as "out of space" even though it is only half-full.