ListView.builder builds too many items

Check the length of the list or data source that you are passing to the ListView.builder method.

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ListView.builder Overloading: How to Handle Extra Items in Flutter
In Flutter, the ListView widget presents a scrollable view of widgets while keeping the memory consumption of the app minimal by only loading visible widgets. The ListView.builder constructor helps simplify the creation of ListView widgets by dynamically generating only the needed widgets when scrolling.

Avoiding Excessive ListView.builder Builds in Your Flutter App
In Flutter, ListView.builder is a very useful widget that allows you to build a scrollable list of widgets efficiently. However, if not used properly, it can lead to excessive builds, causing performance issues in your app.

Maximizing Performance with ListView.builder: Solutions for Building Only What You Need
When faced with the challenge of displaying large amounts of data in a scrollable list, the ListView widget of the Flutter framework is the go-to solution. However, building a ListView with a large number of items can lead to performance issues, such as slow rendering times and high resource usage. Fortunately, the ListView.builder constructor provides solutions to these problems by building only what is required to display on the screen.