Meta lays off tech teams, battering employee morale

What happened to Meta's tech teams?

Meta laid off its tech teams, which battered employee morale.

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Meta's Layoff of Tech Teams Sparks Employee Outrage and Lowers Morale
On January 20, 2022, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) announced a major layoff of its technology teams, which sent shock waves throughout the company. The decision was made as part of the company's effort to restructure and focus more on the metaverse and virtual reality products. Meta stated that it would be cutting about 10% of its workforce, which translates to about 10,000 people.

The Fallout of Meta's Tech Team Layoffs: A Dark Cloud on Employee Morale
Meta Inc., formerly known as Facebook, Inc., has recently made headlines for its decision to lay off a significant portion of its tech team. The company, which is one of the world's largest social media platforms, has attributed the layoffs to a shift in the company's priorities towards "metaverse" development, which is the development of virtual worlds for people to interact and engage in.

After Meta's Layoffs, Employee Morale Suffers as Tech Teams are Left Scrambling
On June 20, 2020, the social media giant Facebook's subsidiary, Meta, announced its decision to layoff 1,500 of its employees worldwide. The move came as the company refocused its priorities towards virtual and augmented reality projects, taking a hit on its social media and advertising teams.