Mlr3, don't understand the splitting part

Can you provide more context or details about what "splitting part" in MLR3 you don't understand?

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Understanding Mlr3: The Basics of Splitting Part
Mlr3 is a popular package in the R programming language used in machine learning. It offers various functionalities for data processing, feature selection, and model evaluation. One of the critical components of Mlr3 is data splitting, which is useful in training and testing machine learning models.

Unpacking the Splitting Process in Mlr3: Tips and Tricks
Mlr3 is a popular open-source library for developing machine learning models in R. One of the core functionalities of this library is the ability to split datasets into training and testing sets, which is essential for effective model evaluation. In this article, we will unpack the splitting process in Mlr3, and provide tips and tricks to help data scientists make the most of this essential functionality.

Avoiding Confusion in Splitting Part with Mlr3: A Guide for Beginners
Efficient data processing is key to accurate analysis in machine learning. A crucial step in this process involves splitting data into subsets for training, testing, and validation. Mlr3 is a widely used machine learning package that provides a wide range of functions for splitting data.