Moonbin, member of K-pop band ASTRO, reportedly dies aged 25

False. Moonbin, member of K-pop band ASTRO, is alive and active in the industry.

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Tragic Loss: Moonbin of K-Pop Group ASTRO Dies at Age 25
Moonbin, a member of the popular K-Pop group ASTRO, has passed away at age 25. The news of his sudden and tragic death has shocked fans around the world and left the K-Pop community in mourning.

Fans Mourn as Moonbin, Member of ASTRO, Passes Away Unexpectedly
It is with great sadness that we report the unexpected passing of ASTRO member, Moonbin. The 25-year-old singer and dancer passed away on April 6, 2022, leaving fans and the K-pop community in mourning.

Remembering Moonbin: A Look at the Life and Legacy of the Late ASTRO Star
Moonbin, born in 1998 with the given name Moon Bin, was a South Korean singer, actor, and dancer, who was known for his exceptional talent in the K-pop industry. He was a member of the boy band ASTRO, where he served as the main dancer, vocalist, and visual.