.net 7 api catch-all route without breaking static files

Use a catch-all route in .NET 7 API to handle all requests and configure the static files middleware to avoid breaking static files.

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Creating a Catch-All Route in .NET 7 API to Handle Requests Without Breaking Static Files
When working with .NET 7 API, it's common to encounter cases where you need to handle requests that cannot be mapped to any specific route. These requests can come from different sources, including bots, crawlers, or user agents that try to access resources that do not exist on your server. In these cases, it's important to have a fallback solution that can handle such requests without breaking your static files or API endpoints.

How to Implement a Catch-All Route in .NET 7 API without Affecting Static Files
When building a .NET 7 API, it is important to have proper routing in place. A catch-all route can be useful for handling requests that don't match any of the defined routes. However, implementing a catch-all route can sometimes result in affecting static files, resulting in 404 errors or other issues.

Maintaining Static Files while Implementing Catch-All Routes in .NET 7 API
In .NET 7 API, catch-all routes have become a popular choice for handling dynamic requests. With this approach, a single route can intercept requests for an entire section of a website or API.