Protobuf file not generating correct Python code with 'protoc --python_out' command

Need more details about the specifics of the problem and the protobuf file in order to provide a short answer to this query.

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Protocol Buffers or Protobuf is a language-agnostic data serialization method that is used to exchange data between multiple languages and platforms. It is an efficient and scalable way of serializing structured data that is commonly used in distributed systems.

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Protocol Buffers, commonly known as Protobuf, is a language-neutral and platform-neutral mechanism for serializing and deserializing structured data. It is widely used by development teams to communicate data between different microservices, and to store data in databases. Protobuf generates code for different programming languages, including Python, Java, C++, and Go.

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Protobuf, also known as Protocol Buffers, is a data serialization format that is widely used in distributed systems, network protocols, and storage formats. It is an efficient way to encode structured data and can be used in multiple programming languages, including Python.