Rotate legend keys of geom_abline

Not possible.

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How to Customize Your Plot: Rotating Legend Keys of Geom_abline in R
R is a popular programming language for data analysis and visualization. It offers a variety of tools for customizing plots, including changing the appearance of axis labels, adjusting the size and color of points and lines, and adding legends to explain the meaning of plotted data. One of the ways to improve the readability of your plots is to rotate the legend keys, especially when working with geom_abline.

Mastering ggplot2: How to Adjust the Legend Keys of geom_abline
ggplot2 is a powerful data visualization package in R that allows users to create stunning and informative visualizations. geom_abline is a function within ggplot2 that allows users to add straight lines onto a plot. However, sometimes the legend keys for geom_abline can be confusing or uninformative, and it is important to understand how to adjust them to clearly communicate the data being shown.

Improving Data Visualization in R: Rotating Legend Keys for geom_abline Plots
Data visualization is an essential component of statistical analysis and reporting. It is the process of presenting statistical data as visual aids to make it easier for analysts to comprehend, identify trends, and communicate findings to decision-makers. R is one of the most popular statistical programming languages widely used for data analysis and visualization. However, R users often encounter challenges in data visualization that require advanced skills and techniques to overcome.