Sacked CBI chief Tony Danker says he is a 'fall guy' for sexual ...

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Former CBI Chief Tony Danker Claims He Was Used as a Scapegoat for Sexual Harassment Scandal
Former Chief Executive of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Tony Danker, has recently accused the organization of using him as a scapegoat for a sexual harassment scandal that occurred during his tenure.

Tony Danker Speaks Out About Being a 'Fall Guy' in the CBI's Sexual Harassment Controversy
Tony Danker has gained a reputation as a key figure in the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), where he serves as the Director-General. Recently, he has found himself in the center of a controversy involving sexual harassment allegations in the organization.

Former CBI Director Tony Danker Blames Sexual Misconduct Scandal on Higher-Ups, Claims He Was Wrongfully Sacked
Former CBI Director Tony Danker has claimed that he was wrongfully sacked and that the sexual misconduct scandal that rocked the organization last year was due to the actions of higher-ups.