Tensorflow versions other than 2.12 cannot be installed on my windows computer

Upgrade your windows computer to install Tensorflow versions other than 2.12.

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Troubleshooting Guide: Fixing Tensorflow Version Incompatibility Issues on Windows
Tensorflow is an open-source library for machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is widely used in various fields ranging from computer vision to natural language processing. However, when working with Tensorflow, one common issue that users face is version incompatibility on Windows.

Why You're Unable to Install Tensorflow Versions Prior to 2.12 on Your Windows PC
TensorFlow is a massively popular open-source library for data science and machine learning that has become an essential tool for developers and researchers worldwide. One of the main reasons for this is its ability to support a wide range of hardware configurations and operating systems, including Windows PCs. However, when trying to install TensorFlow versions prior to 2.12 on your Windows PC, you may encounter installation difficulties. Therefore, this article will explain why you're unable to install TensorFlow versions prior to 2.12 on your Windows PC.

Upgrading to TensorFlow 2.12: A Step-by-Step Guide for Windows Users
TensorFlow is one of the most popular machine learning libraries available today. It is used widely in the industry and has an active community of developers who contribute to its development. TensorFlow 2.12 is the latest release of this library and it comes with several new features and improvements that can enhance your machine learning experience. In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide for Windows users to upgrade to TensorFlow 2.12.