Terraform AWS API Gateway aws_api_gateway_model issue

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Terraform and AWS API Gateway: Tips for Resolving aws_api_gateway_model Issues
Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool that allows users to manage their cloud resources in a declarative way. It provides a modular approach to infrastructure management and supports several cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS). One of the services that Terraform supports for AWS is Amazon API Gateway, which is used to build, deploy, and manage APIs.

How to Troubleshoot aws_api_gateway_model Problems in Terraform and AWS API Gateway
AWS API Gateway is a powerful service that makes it easy to design, deploy, and manage APIs at scale. However, like any technology, it can be vulnerable to problems and errors. One common issue that users face when working with AWS API Gateway is problems with the aws_api_gateway_model resource in Terraform.

A Guide to Fixing aws_api_gateway_model Errors in Terraform and AWS API Gateway
The aws_api_gateway_model resource type in Terraform and AWS API Gateway allows you to define a model for your API Gateway. This model can be used to validate input or output data for your API Gateway endpoints. However, when working with aws_api_gateway_model, you may encounter errors that need to be fixed. In this guide, we will explore common errors you might bump into and how to resolve them.