The type HttpStatus does not define isError(HttpStatusCode) defined here in java 17

It means that there is no method called isError() defined within the HttpStatus class for the specific HttpStatusCode in Java 17.

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Understanding the HttpStatus Error and HttpStatusCode in Java 17
HTTP, which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is a set of rules for how communication between web servers and web clients (such as web browsers) should work. HTTP uses a system of codes, called status codes, to communicate information about the results of requests made by web clients to web servers. In Java 17, the HttpStatus Error and HttpStatusCode classes are used to represent these status codes.

How to Resolve the isError(HttpStatusCode) Issue in Java 17
If you're working with Java 17, you may have encountered an issue with the isError(HttpStatusCode) method. This method is used to check if an HTTP response code is considered an error, but in Java 17 it may not recognize certain HTTP response codes as errors. This can be frustrating, especially if your application relies heavily on the accurate detection of HTTP errors. Fortunately, there are a few solutions to this issue.

Upgrading to Java 17: Dealing with HttpStatus Error and HttpStatusCode Differences
If you are planning to upgrade your Java application to version 17, it's important to be aware of any changes that may affect your application. One such change is the introduction of new HTTP status codes and a reclassification of existing ones. This article will discuss how to deal with HttpStatus errors and the differences between them in Java 17.