Translating R code into Stata Code for calculating Sample size for a discrete choice experiment

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Discrete choice experiments (DCEs) are commonly used in market research, health care, and public policy to understand consumers' preferences and choices. In DCEs, participants are asked to make choices between hypothetical products or services that vary in their attributes or features. These attributes can include price, quality, brand, and other factors that affect consumer behavior.

Streamlining Sample Size Calculation for Discrete Choice Experiments: A Guide to Transforming R Code to Stata Code
Discrete Choice Experiments (DCEs) are used in fields such as healthcare, marketing, and transportation to understand consumer preferences and decision-making behaviors. They involve presenting participants with a series of choice scenarios where they must select their preferred option from a set of alternatives, each with varying attributes.

Efficient Translation of R Code into Stata for Sample Size Calculation in Discrete Choice Experiments: Simplifying Your Workflow