Upgrade to Jammy Jellyfish caused kernel panic and cannot boot

Possible short answers are:

  • Get technical support to diagnose and solve the issue.
  • Restore from a backup or reinstall the previous version of the OS.
  • Avoid updating without testing compatibility and backup solutions.
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Kernel Panic is a common issue faced by users after upgrading to new versions of operating systems. This issue can occur due to various reasons, such as incompatible hardware configurations or conflicting software installations. In this article, we will discuss the steps that users can take to troubleshoot Kernel Panic after upgrading to Jammy Jellyfish.

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When upgrading to a new version of an operating system, it's not uncommon for errors to occur. One of the most common issues that occurs during an upgrade is kernel panic. This is when the system encounters a problem that it cannot recover from and your computer freezes.

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If you are a Linux user, you may have heard about the latest release of Ubuntu - the Jammy Jellyfish, version 21.10. This release has come with several new features and improvements over the previous versions, such as improved support for gaming, better virtualization, and updated software packages.