Why are input tags of type date being displayed like this?

The display format of input tags of type date depends on the user's browser and operating system settings.

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The input tag in HTML is used to create form controls, allowing users to interact with a website by inputting and submitting data. One of the several input types available is "date", which allows a user to select a date from a calendar-like interface.

The Science Behind Input Tags of Type Date: Understanding its Display Format
Input tags of the type date are commonly used in web development to collect date inputs from users. The date input field allows users to enter dates in a certain format, and web developers use various techniques to display the inputted date in a user-friendly format.

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Input fields are an essential aspect of web development. They allow users to input data in a specific format and provide an interface to submit user data to the server. One of the most commonly used input fields is the date input field.