Windows batch file to copy files from one directory to another using a list of files in a text file

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Here is an example Windows batch file that reads a list of file names from a text file and copies them from a source directory to a destination directory:

@echo off
set SRC_DIR=C:\Source
set DST_DIR=D:\Destination
set LIST_FILE=list.txt
for /F %%F in (%LIST_FILE%) do (
  copy /Y "%SRC_DIR%\%%F" "%DST_DIR%\"


  • The @echo off command disables the display of commands in the console.
  • The set commands define the source and destination directories, and the name of the file that contains the list of file names to copy. You can modify these values as needed.
  • The for /F command reads a file line by line and assigns each line to the variable %%F. The %LIST_FILE% parameter specifies the path to the file that contains the list of file names. The /F option tells for to interpret the file as text and skip blank lines, comments, and delimiters (by default, spaces and tabs).
  • The copy command copies a file from the source directory to the destination directory. The /Y option suppresses the confirmation prompt if a file already exists in the destination directory with the same name as the one being copied. The %SRC_DIR%\%%F and %DST_DIR%\ parameters specify the paths to the source and destination files, respectively. The %%F variable contains the name of the file to copy, extracted from the list file.

Note: Make sure the list file contains only the file names (or paths relative to the source directory) and each name is on a separate line.

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